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About Classes

Class Structure

At Anderson Dog Works, Inc., the adult owner is taught to train and control his/her dog. During class sessions you will be shown different techniques and methods to train your dog. You will practice those techniques under supervision in class so that you can practice correctly at home with your dog. HOME WORK IS ESSENTIAL if you expect to achieve results. You will need to practice 10 to 30 minutes each day.

Anderson Dog Works obedience classes incorporate real world situations as part of each training level, for example, teaching the dog to hold a down stay while you eat dinner, not to run out an open door, to jump on people, not to bark, etc.

All classes are one hour long for a six week period. Classes are limited to 8 dogs in all classes, with the exception of Puppy Kindergarten, in which 10 puppies are allowed.

Classes Offered:

Puppy Kindergarten
Ages 2-5 months

This class is extremely fun for both puppy & owner. The bare minimum of obedience is taught. Instead, this class offers puppy a chance to lean about life in general through socialization and playtime. The puppy owner is taught about dog behaviour through body language as well as talk pertaining to chewing, biting, housebreaking, etc. Puppies learn to play together through group “free play” where all puppies are allowed off lead to interact freely. They learn to accept being handled, brushed, examined and much more.
Puppies should be current on all vaccinations.


Graduate Level: Once a dog has completed an ADW course, it may progress to the next level of training.

Graduate Puppy

Only for those puppies that have completed the Puppy Kindergarten class. Puppies are still together with their classmates and continue to expand on their formal obedience training and house manners.

Beginner Class
Ages 5 month and Up

Beginner class is for the dog that has little, if any, training. While this class is open to dogs 5 months and older (it isn't uncommon to have 8, 9 even 10 year old dogs in the class) emphasis is placed on the adolescent dog, ages 7 to 12 months of age, the stage of life when dogs begin to test their independence and “defy authority”. Beginner classes are designed to teach good manners as well as formal training; sit, down, stay, come, heel, off and leave it. Though dogs may be doing well on these commands at home, a class situation is the perfect opportunity to practice your ability to gain and keep your dog's attention while teaching him to respond quickly and precisely to the commands.


For dogs that have completed either Graduate Puppy or the Beginner course. Intermediate is a big practice session, working on solidly proofing the formal commands. Dogs are required to maintain stays through heavy distraction, complete a recall through obstacles, heel off lead, hold a stand for exam and more.


For dogs who have completed their Intermediate course. In this level, dogs are trained to obey commands completely off lead in a secure situation. Hand signals from the AKC Utility Level are introduced. The AKC's Canine Good Citizen evaluation is given as a final exam on graduation day.

Master Level

For dogs that have completed the Advanced course. Master Level is based, but not restricted to, the AKC & UKC obedience trial exercises. A segment of each exercise is practiced per week, including drop on recall, the moving stand and retrieve. Handlers are instructed on the requirements of both dog and Handler in the NOVICE AKC class for the Companion Dog Title.

Misc - Unique and Interesting Instruction offered throughout the year

  • Handling Classes – For dogs that are to compete in the dog show conformation breed ring.
  • Greyhound Classes - Designed strictly for the retired racing greyhound.
  • Pet Therapy Programs – An introduction to the requirements for testing and visitation.