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About The School

Anderson Dog Works is in the business of dog training. ADW was formed in 1992 and incorporated in 1994. The original instructors were Barbara Tollison, Jim Durrance and Jane Fink. Jane is now the primary instructor teaching all classes. The gentle positive methods initially established by the team are still applied today. Jane regularly attends lectures and seminars given by the top trainers and behaviorists in the world. By doing so, she has incorporated the best methods of many into her own unique training philosophy. Her firm belief is that training should be fun and enjoyable for both handler and dog and not regimented or adverse.

Because each dog is different, the method used for training is applied to help each owner obtain optimum results for their dog. A Greyhound is not going to learn or respond at the same rate as a Golden Retriever by using the same methods. It is much easier to train a happy dog that enjoys obedience than one who doesn't.

Food is used as a primary teaching tool in the beginning, to develop the dog's self confidence and produce quick results. Verbal and physical praise are always encouraged. Special training collars are usually not required. What is required is for the owner to match his or her expectations to the dog's ability to produce the desired results. Having fun does not equal slacking off, in fact, quite a few graduates of Anderson Dog Works, Inc. have gone on to achieve obedience titles, become search and rescue dogs or future guide dogs for the blind.